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Idaho Speech Arts Teachers Association
Our History

The Idaho Speech Arts Teachers Association (ISATA) was founded in 1955 with the purpose of supporting Idaho's teachers and students who work to promote the performing arts in our school and communities.  We have members from all three disciplines from every corner of our state.  We embrace diversity, acknowledge we have a responsibility to be inclusive in  all we do, and educate tomorrow's leaders.   

Our Mission

"The purpose of this association shall be the promotion of speech arts programs in secondary schools by developing, encouraging, and improving the competitive speech arts; and to provide further opportunities for professional development of the speech arts teachers in Idaho".


Membership in this organization is open to teachers and coaches of speech arts – debate, speech, and drama – legally qualified and regularly employed in the school systems they represent. All teachers and directors of speech arts in universities and colleges of Idaho shall be eligible for membership in this organization.

Associate membership in this organization is open to all those interested in supporting speech arts but not necessarily employed as a speech teacher or coach (administrators, student teachers, for example). Associate members are entitled to all rights and privileges of the association except to vote and hold office.



The dues for membership in this organization shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00) annually; twelve dollars and fifty cents ($12.50) annually for associate membership. First year teachers are exempt from paying their membership fees.  Applicable fees to be paid by October 1 or the annual conference, each year.

Annual Conference

Each fall, ISATA members and guests meet for a two-day conference focused on education within each area or discipline, sharing best practices, recognition within our membership, and electing leadership for the organization.  Information can be found on our website as well as the IHSAA website, under "Activities".    

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