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Students, in Idaho, can compete in several formats of debate, both team and individual.  Our events fall under the direction and guidance of the Idaho High School Activities Association (IHSAA).  Currently, students can compete for state titles in Congressional Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Policy Debate, and Public Forum Debate.  Additionally, students can participate in other formats at invitationals such as Worlds and Big Questions.


In drama competition, students in Idaho can participate in both acting and technical aspects of theater.  Under the direction of the IHSAA, students compete at district tournaments across Idaho with a bid to the state tournament on the line.  Drama competition is held late in the calendar year.  Students who participate in these events also are often acting and performing in their schools' plays and performances.


There's a little bit of everything in speech competition in Idaho for our students.  Currently, there are 13 different events that students can compete in at district and state tournaments.  Many invitational events across the state also offer experimental events to give competitors many different opportunities to excel.  The events fall into three genres; interpretation, platform, and limited preparation. 

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